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Hello and Welcome

Post by noth » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:26 pm

Please feel free to read, enjoy, comment on and add to, what you find on this forum, but also, please take the time to read and abide by the rules as they've been put together for the good of every member.

This forum is for anyone that would like to learn more about and talk about the work that researcher are doing on so-called "Conspiracy Theories" and we use this term in its literal sense. I say that because I know about the negative connotations of the term and its use in a disparaging way by the M.S.M, but if you're unclear about the meaning of the word "Conspiracy" or the word "Theory", then please read the Synonym study of the two words, from these links:



Don and Rob got to know each other while posting in another forum and came to the idea of starting something that would have been a little 'off-topic' for that other forum, and also something that has very little coverage (that they're aware of) elsewhere, so while you're free to post about the topics you find, it's a little pointless to simply regurgitate stuff from elsewhere; you may just as well post a link and let others read it from source. But, therein is the issue: While you may have followed this researcher or that researcher for some time, maybe years, it could very well be that other members have not and as such have no idea about the reputation of the researcher. This is where this forum can be of help if the body of work that a researcher has done is sound, then this adds to the creditability of what is posted.

Although Don and Rob don't want to see any derogatory comments about any researcher, they do feel that it's only right that we also note the ones that are less credible, but, as with the credible ones, this needs to be evidence based, not simply a bashing for no good reason.

Thank you for reading and please consider joining Don and Rob in building this forum and making it the 'go-to' for anyone looking to "Research the Researcher".