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any websites out there of a similar nature to Rich Planet
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Fortean Times

Post by noth » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:33 pm

Richard D Hall's presentation style takes a bit of getting used to and how he can keep a straight face on some topics and interviews is beyond me

Alot of the stuff he does seems to be going over old, widely known mysteries. However, he does leave his "spaceship" studio to investigate some subjects
out in the field and films and edits the pieces himself I think

The recent series he did highlighting the work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett (little known but very interesting theories on King Arthur etc) were particularly good
Fortean Times goes back a few years but looks fairly acceptable, I do think they have been infiltrated by MI5 though, that seems pretty obvious to me :lol:
The new series is currently on TV after a long break during which new episodes were only available direct on Richard's site. It's one of the few current programmes I can enjoy watching. My TV viewing is pretty much confined to BBC4, Horror channel, movies4men, and Richplanet.

I do like him and his work but I've been in correspondence with him and he can come across as quite obtuse sometimes. He will immediately decline my explanations of minor topics, and I would only offer my opinion from a perspective that utilises my experience as an occultist. One of those people that can't accept explanations are often yes fantastic and supernatural, but can also be very mundane. He seems to chase only the most extreme explanations for the cases he investigates.
some great commentary on Rich Planet too